Risks of Circumcision

There are risks associated with circumcision. However, they are rare when performed in a well-equipped clinic by a well-qualified doctor with specialized training and experience in circumcision. These risks include:

- Pain
- Bleeding
- Hematoma (formation of a clot under the skin)
- Infection at the site of circumcision
- Increased sensitivity of the glans penis for the first few months after procedure
- Irritation of the glands
- Meatitis ( inflammation of the opening of the urethra)
- Injury to the penis
- Adverse reaction to the anesthetic used during the circumcision

These complications are rare when circumcision is performed by well trained, adequately equipped, experienced health care personnel, and are easily and rapidly resolved



Information for parents:

The healing process usually takes about one week. The baby should be brought back to the clinic if any of the following occur in the child:

  • Distressed or pain
  • Fever
  • Failure to wake for feeding as he usually does
  • Feparation of the skin edges
  • Unusual swelling or bleeding
  • Difficulties with urination
  • If the parents have any concerns about healing process




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